Thursday, August 1, 2013

Popular TV Series Remind Us About the Reality of Religion

When we look at religion today, it’s often not considered where religion has come from, what are its roots, how did it form from the beginning into what it is today?
This is also true for many things in life, many aspects of our day to day living, that we’ve just come to accept as a part of life, a part of nature, without really any investigation into or understanding of where these things have come from and how they formed in the first place, to become how and what they are today.
For example, the many systems that we have in place today that we participate in and contribute to in either a direct or indirect way, such as the education system, the legal system, and the economic system, and our religious systems.
Here, we’re going to look at the religious system specifically, because an interesting thing has been happening, where there’s been many TV series over the recent years which have been depicting the history of religion as how it existed in its ‘formative years’, on its way to becoming the commonly accepted religion system that is here now.
These series give us not just a glimpse, but quite an eye-opening ‘exposé’ into the history of religion – how it was really lived, what it really existed as, at its roots. And it is anything but the pretty picture that many attribute to religion today, where religion is seen as essentially a ‘positive’ thing, when in actuality, it was fraught with just about every evil you could imagine. No, I take that back – it was fraught with every evil you could imagine. Religion was actually a tool utilized to carry out the most heinous acts that humanity could commit, which you can see for yourself in living color, in these series and shows that depict it in graphic detail.
These shows to watch for a reality wake-up of what religion really was and has come from are: Borgia, there is also the series The Borgias and you could watch both yet I personally recommend Borgia as it is a bit more detailed so you get a bit more of the story, and also Da Vinci’s Demons. There's even some fictional based shows I'd suggest as they still show the typical elements of religion as to how we lived it, which are the mini-series’ World Without End and The Pillars of the Earth. In these, you'll also see the truth of our nature as how we've really lived within and as religion because the fiction is based on the reality of who we are and have been, which essentially hasn't changed.
If you look at religion as an entity, and everything that has been done in the name of religion or utilizing religion and religious cause as a justification, you could call religion ultimately evil, and a crime against life, and thus to support such crime and to protect and defend it, wouldn’t that make one an accomplice to that evil, isn't that aiding and abetting? Or even obstruction of justice, by taking such a grave evil that is responsible for extreme harm in the world and making it out to be a positive thing? To justify a god who would allow such atrocities to take place in the world, and allow people to act in 'god's name' and commit all sorts of heinous acts?
As you'll see in these shows, religion was used as excuse and justification for one's own self interest. For example, in World Without End the character 'Godwyn' who was a priest, used the popular 'god's will' excuse to justify his actions which in reality were obviously to his own benefit and to serve his own agenda where he justified committing violence and harm against others to this end, which obviously is not in line with the positive light in which religion is portrayed.
Now that is just an evil character in a fictional story, yet it represents our very real nature as what has and still exists within us, and how we'll use even the most apparently positive of things as for example religion and use even that to our own personal gain. And this is accounted for within history as the real acts committed by people. Take for example the burning of so-called witches, we all know that that was bullshit by now – there were no 'witches', and there are shows documenting these events as well, showing and implying that these burnings were done by those who were acting in their own interest, yet it was done in the name of religion and those made out to be witches were called 'heretics' and 'evil' and were burned alive.
But now the roots of religion have faded from the so short memory of those humans who don't happen to be a part of any of the religious wars that are actually taking place today, and now what remains of religion for many is a compulsory, automation of behavior which was usually passed on to us as children from our parents, and so it continues generation after generation, with no one really questioning it. Even if you do question it, there is this paranoia because everyone else is doing it that if you don't 'follow along' you are going to be ostracized. And the parents fear this for their children and so they'll make their children go to church and say the prayers because if you don't go 'what are others going to think about you??' is the underlying fear. 'You've got to go to church because everyone does it/it's what everyone does' apparently. But really it is the fear of standing out and being criticized by others, and this is how we keep each other stuck in this automation too afraid to step 'outside the box' and question what we're doing and whether it actually makes sense and where it even came from, and in total disregard of the horrors that are still committed to this day in the name of religion.
Now with religion supposed to be such a positive thing, the reality of it is really in a stark contrast to that idea – an automated parroting of behavior that we do to fit in and not be ostracized that we pressure our children into out of fear, and where by participating in and validating religion justifying all those who would cause harm through religion – not really what it was meant to be, is it? I mean, it is actually really bizarre that we do this so that others can have the perception of us that we're thus 'good' and 'normal' people when what it really shows is that we are beings of negativity and fear, which is should not be a surprise at all, considering that the very roots of religion was also – negativity and fear, and all kinds of atrocities made apparently 'acceptable'. So we should really look at what we're accepting here and see it for was it is, and what we're justifying to exist in this world as all the atrocities committed under the excuse of religion, so that we can step out of the religion character that has become so automated, and get to know ourselves as who we'll be when we free ourselves from the patterns of the past that we've been living as, life after life after life, like a broken record.
To really expand your education into religion, I suggest the interview series on Eqafe 'The Crucifixion of Jesus' where you can actually listen to the first 5 interviews in the series for free:

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